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Year Five

Be awake out there!

As a young man playing softball this call from the coach to his infielders, was often heard when runners were in scoring position. From my third baseman position the call for alertness was certainly appropriate as the action at third base can be very quick for good or for bad. The transition from Year Four to Year Five remind me of those defensive innings near the third base bag.

Oh boy! I have been wondering about this one for a long time. What will it bring? How can I be ready? If Year Four was a year to set standards and it was, will the standards set in Year Four hold up when the Fifth-Year birds and fish emerge?

Symbolically let’s review what the Fifth-Day birds and fish represent. This new life is going to be powerful, beautiful, mobile with mouths and teeth. Year Five may carry temptation toward pride, cockiness and conceit if by some means one finds themselves in possession of this new life.  On the other hand, the new life of Year Five may bite, harm and destroy leaving an individual wondering what happened?

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The Fifty Day Count

Again, let me remind you, I write to figure out what I think. A lot of times I write stuff that is never posted because after I write it, I don’t agree with myself. Yes, that is humorous and it’s also true. I have been working on this post for over a year and have scrapped its previous versions, numerous times, for the just noted reason. This time I am posting it but I continue to wrestle over the implications of the ideas herein expressed. Therefore dear reader beware I am indeed wandering in to uncharted waters.

The biblical counts of Seven and Fifty create some interesting tension on an annual basis. It appears that the end of the Seventh Year is in the Seventh Month, the month of Feast of Tabernacles as spelled out in Deuteronomy 31.

And Moses commanded them, “At the end of every seven years, at the set time in the year of release, at the Feast of Tabernacles, Deuteronomy 31:10

One would expect that all other years also find their ending in the Seventh Month as well.  That does not mean however, that the month following Feast of Tabernacles is the beginning of the New Year, in fact Exodus in the context of explaining Passover gives us this about the spring month when the barley is ripe:

The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, “This month shall be for you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year for you. Exodus 12:1-2

Abib (month of Barley) is first month of the year in the spring and so begins the count to Tabernacles in the Seventh month. Passover and Tabernacles both have in them a sense of starting over, or if you will, a new beginning.

There is one other pilgrimage festival, it also seems a “New Beginning”. As spring nears its end each year, Shavuot is remembered and appropriately celebrated, in the west it is often known by its Greek name, Pentecost. The instructions for finding the day of Shavuot is different than all the other appointed times in that a month and day is not named but a count is declared from a previous set day.

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November 100 years ago

At the end of May, Audrey and I made the trip to the Meuse-Argonne in France to see my grandfather’s battlefield of 100 years ago. My love of history and my conviction that 50-year segments of time are significant induced us to make the trip this year. Thanks to all the staff at Military Historical Tours of Woodbridge Virginia and a special thanks to John and Bob who went the extra “many” miles to put us on the 79th division’s battlefield. 

Sunday, November 3, 1918 my grandfather would often recall as his worst day, losing many buddies and experiencing  numerous personal close calls, as a sergeant in the 304th engineers of the 79th division of the US Army. The 79th was in the early stages of attempting to capture “Corn Willy Hill” from the Germans to take away the eyes of their artillery. That same German artillery had found the 304th engineer train’s staging area on Samogneux hill just to the south thus the losses that Sunday. The 79th would succeed in their mission but lose many good men over the next several days. However, November 3, 1918 always stuck out to my grandfather as his most perilous hours.

November 11 and the end of WW1 was only 8 days away, imagine the roller coaster of emotions in those early days of November 100 years ago. He and my grandmother (the girl he left behind) always celebrated November 11, Armistice Day, as the day they got their lives back.       

Our upcoming Veterans day on November 11, 2018 is 100 years in the making.

To all our veterans, Thank you for your service!

At Camp Mead ready to ship out. Summer 1918.

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“FOUR” Year-Four

  The New Year which starts in few days will mark seven years since I finally understood Joseph’s story. This chart helps explain the Genesis One creation story’s paradigm of seven in the second half of Genesis. The Seven Years Jacob worked for Rachel is a “FOUR”. In other words it is a fourth set of seven years of a 50 year Jubilee cycle. Publishing this chart now is a small attempt to set a new standard of understanding as Year-Four begins.

For three years I have gently put my book and website out for public consumption. I was purposefully low key about the fact that this information can balance your emotions as you invest in the modern market place. I took this quite approach mostly because I value my credibility and the last thing I want is to be seen as just one more prognosticator. I have no interest in predicting the future but I am interested in learning how to think about the future based on the same information I believe Joseph creatively deployed in Egypt. In fact, I will go so far as to say I expect the blessings on Joseph and his sons found in Genesis 48:1-6, 49:22-26 and Deuteronomy 33:13-17 are being restored after a very long and painful ordeal.

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Time to Sprout and Flower

In two weeks we enter the “Sprout and Flower” half of YEAR THREE.

Behind us is the revelation of chaos, “the let there be light” of YEAR ONE. The continued shaking, even beating or pounding of YEAR TWO which revealed to us a space for future life with chaos above and below. In the last six months we have identified some bare ground as the chaotic waters have been gathered to their places of rivers and seas.

So far very few see what we see, or expect what we expect. Most wonder why we work so hard at something which seems to yield nothing. However, we know what happens next, we know new life is just around the corner and we aim to have added our efforts to the Creator’s pattern. We have worked hard for seemingly little benefit because we know the paradigm of seven and believe in its creative effectiveness.

Here are a few thoughts for the next seven months, the second half of YEAR THREE.

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The world of finance is being rankled by this strange new means of trade. Will Bitcoin or other types of crypto currency replace our dollars just like fiat paper dollars replaced gold and silver in the last century?

I really like this 11.5 minute video put out by Quartz  “What happens next?” It will make you think about the question “What is money?”

Just remember one thing, the creative pattern of seven segments of time is hard wired in our world and regardless what means of trade is being used the individual characteristic of each segment of time will continue to function as described in the revealed instructions.     

Making Big Purchases

Each of us has a daily routine and by now we are pretty good at it. We know the best place to buy fuel for our vehicle, shop for food or buy the household goods or hardware needed for our family’s daily life. In other words, because we have practice at these things we do a pretty good job of making purchases for our day to day items. It’s also true that all these purchases are done in a none stressful, care free environment, no one tries to up-sell you at the grocery store or the gas station. In fact, today we pay at the pump for our fuel and many supermarkets now have self-check-out, therefore we can complete these transactions with no human interaction at all if we wish. Even at the hardware store the clerk is most likely laid back and there to be helpful.

However think about our big purchases, cars, trucks, homes, RVs. Notice that as the price tag goes up and the purchase becomes less frequent, the companies who sell these things see to it that human interaction is the main focus of these transactions and rightly so as we often do need help as we are unfamiliar with the product and in many cases the typical means of financing. Thus, the value of sales staff for the customer and business is obvious. Yes, it is possible to buy many of these things without sales folk, but most of us will not, as we value the hand holding a knowledgeable sales staff provides.

I still remember the first time I went to make a purchase that I really had no idea how to quantify the value of the item.  Having grown up in a very conservative no-jewelry household I experienced deep angst upon attempting to buy a diamond engagement ring for my intended bride. I also did not know anyone who could guide me in the process and since it was to be a secret until “the moment” I could not make a lot of inquires. The good news is I did find an acceptable ring, Audrey said yes and that diamond is still part of her jewelry collection, now on a pendent as the diamond ring needed to be upgraded a few years ago.   

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October 19, 1987

This week we remember the 508-point, 22.6% stock market crash of October 19, 1987

In the summer of 1987 I had levered up, borrowing to buy a house and also committed to purchase a business. Watching TV that night my thoughts turned to my grandfather who, though an orphan, had worked himself into a position to buy a farm in the late 1920’s. Only to lose it in the Great Depression which was triggered by the stock market crash of October 1929. Obviously, he had borrowed lots of money and when the farm was repossessed his equity was wiped out. My thought that night was: “Are the Miller’s just unlucky?”

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1980 = 50th Year Jubilee? Year 6,000 ???

Is it plausible that 50th Year Jubilee and Year 6,000 converged in 1980? 

Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7)

The words of the Prophet Amos are undoubtedly true, yet we who try to discern prophetic words for events upcoming are most often found guessing at details and often guessing badly.

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