Month: October 2022

What if Rachel Lives?

Dear Reader,

If you stumble across this post with no previous knowledge of my book, “Know the Time Change Your World”, or this website, I highly recommend you spend some time with other posts on the site and ideally that you master the information in the 3rd part of the book and then return here.

For those of you up to speed, here we go!

Headed for a 50-Year Jubilee

We are now in the seventh set of seven years since 1980. If the economic markers, historical and current events we have noted are valid, then we are headed for a 50-year Jubilee starting in the fall of 2029. Which also happens to coincide with the end of a Shemitah cycle, 7 years from now. (***footnote below) There is one main thought I want each of you contemplate over the next 7 years. What if Rachel lives?

The pattern of 8 sets of seven years and a 50th year Jubilee from the second half of Genesis can be put in this chart, which is hopefully familiar by now. Notice the red outlined seven years which is the 7 years just before Joseph is sold into slavery. I propose, based on the pattern we have been studying that this is the set of seven years we are now entering. The Shemitah cycle, just before the 50-Year Jubilee.


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