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Historical Context = LIFE FROM THE DEAD

Dr. Jason Staples’ latest book is so well done I feel inadequate to even review it, but it must be done, so here goes…

Take everything you know about Paul and the New Testament, set it aside for a few days and read this book. Much of what you believe will come away undamaged. However, the vessel or vehicle you hold those ideas in may be a completely different shape, model, or color than the one you thought you were in when you began the book.

If you ever read lines in the book of Romans and wondered: What is Paul really saying? Then Dr Staples has some insight for you and not just an opinion but rather a historical coherent reading of the original text using first century available documents for reference and parallels. His skill with language is unmatched and his knowledge of first century sources is amazing.

I saw one twitter account call it “time travel”, which is not a bad way to explain how one feels as they read this book. Fasten your seat belt and keep your bible handy.

Listen: “Modern Biblical Faith” needs a shake-up. Dr Staples does not tell us what we should do with the information he is giving us. I don’t have an answer to that question either, however the dead-wood that is much of modern religious life is about to meet a spark from Dr. Staples. 

Here is the Amazon link for the book