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Year Five

Be awake out there!

As a young man playing softball this call from the coach to his infielders, was often heard when runners were in scoring position. From my third baseman position the call for alertness was certainly appropriate as the action at third base can be very quick for good or for bad. The transition from Year Four to Year Five remind me of those defensive innings near the third base bag.

Oh boy! I have been wondering about this one for a long time. What will it bring? How can I be ready? If Year Four was a year to set standards and it was, will the standards set in Year Four hold up when the Fifth-Year birds and fish emerge?

Symbolically let’s review what the Fifth-Day birds and fish represent. This new life is going to be powerful, beautiful, mobile with mouths and teeth. Year Five may carry temptation toward pride, cockiness and conceit if by some means one finds themselves in possession of this new life.  On the other hand, the new life of Year Five may bite, harm and destroy leaving an individual wondering what happened?

Hey look at that, describes well the beginning of Year Five, “Hey” is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Often implying the Spirit or the movement of God. A “Hey” was added to both Abram and Sara’s name after a significant encounter with God. This event is thought to have added a spiritual universal calling to both Abraham and Sarah’s life and their descendants.

Be awake out there and be humble. On your toes ready to react well to whatever comes your way. Plan ahead for every scenario you can think of and be realistic enough to accept the fact that you might not be able fore-see every scenario. If the best happens be humble, if something negative shows up, steel yourself now with the determination to handle it with good character and grace.   

Finally, be aware that the beginning of Five is a dangerous moment. It is very important to be especially attentive to your relationships at this time, good relationships are protection and this is a moment when bad relationships can bite hard. However after the transition from Four to Five is over things should slowly improve. Remember we are headed for the “gather double” moment of Year Six just ahead.