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Year Two

Chapter 10

Day Two Takes a Toll

Day Two: Separation of Waters

God said: Let there be a dome amid the waters, And let it separate waters from waters!

—Genesis 1:6, Schocken

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Seven Year Plan

Just as a keystone at the top of a masonry arch is the stabilizing piece, so also a seven year understanding can stabilize your economic circumstances.

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Chapter 1: Bible, Business, Life

Most books based on biblical themes speak very little about the business world or the marketplace. Likewise, most books written about the modern world’s marketplace speak very little about the Bible. A few business coach types clearly use biblical themes and even cite the Bible once in a while; but for the most part, these two—the Bible and business—are held to be different streams of life, if not simply incompatible.

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Random or Five sets of Seven?

As we go through life, events appear random, yet somehow we sense there is an order and that things don’t quite seem completely random. Coincidences pop up from time to time which make us shake our heads and acknowledge that there must be a higher order.

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