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Chaos and Virus, 50 and 100 years Ago


Fifty years ago, in the spring of 1970 the stable American life of the post-World War Two was being shattered by Vietnam War protests on college campuses all across the land. Culminating with the shooting at Kent State where 4 students died in a National Guard fiasco that still wrinkles brows to this day.




100 years ago we had race riots and the red scare (Russia had just become the Soviet Union) and the world was just recovering from the influenza pandemic of 1918-19; which killed 40 million people, including 675,000 Americans.

So here we are March 2020.

The market crashed, and the world is in a panic about a virus and on a personal level my father passed away unexpectedly. Welcome to early spring of Year 5 of Shemitah Cycle 6.

I wanted to post some thoughts as we head toward Year 6 which begins this fall. As we know the creation pattern plays itself out over and over. It makes sense that this is the most chaotic moment since the new light on chaos of early in year one. It also makes sense that by the end of Year 5 things will have settled down.

Here are the biblical patterns to consider at this moment. I believe both of these are “Paradigm 5” examples.

1 Noah’s birds, Genesis 8:6-12, starting with a raven, a scavenger, the birds become more and more peaceful until the last bird, a dove builds a nest.

2 Jacob marries Leah and Rachel, Genesis 29:20 to Genesis 30:25, this household of two sisters famously starts out very volatile but by the end of the seven-year cycle, Rachel has a son, Joseph, and in effect Rachel, the beautiful dove has nested.

Keep your head, don’t panic, be careful, and stay humble. Long term this whole event is going to yield great benefit.

I have posted below a link for an article by Peter Zeihan. If global politics and world trade interest you get to know his work Peter has good information and is brilliant at explaining our modern world.

update: More from Peter Zeihan below