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The Riddle of 1980: Was it the beginning of our current Jubilee Cycle?

In the summer of 1980, the Israeli Parliament declared the city of Jerusalem to be the undivided, eternal capital of the State of Israel, established as such by King David almost 3,000 years earlier.

To counter the howls of international disapproval, Christians gathered in Jerusalem that autumn.  They established the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. They declared their love for Israel and celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem for the first time in response to Zechariah 14:16-19.

Did this event in the fall of 1980 mark the beginning of a new fifty-year Jubilee cycle?  Those of us with gray hair now look back at the early 1980’s in wonder.

Consider these new beginnings for freedom in the early 80’s:  Solidarity, a Polish non-government trade union led by Lech Walesa, arose in the Lenin shipyard in August, 1980.  It was a “camel’s nose under the tent” for the Soviet Union and would result in freedom for many people in Eastern Europe and around the world.


In her piece, “We want God”, Peggy Noonan connects the events of 1980 to John Paul’s visit to Poland a year earlier.  She goes on to cite the roles of Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in one of the greatest freedom movements the world has seen.


However, the East was not the only place experiencing new beginnings at this moment in time.  In the West also, freedom was growing and becoming more valued.  Old regulations on trucking, airlines, and other forms of transportation were modified; regulations were lifted on petroleum as well. Travel increased at considerably lower costs.  As this new mindset of freedom spread, taxes all over Europe and America were reduced.


Additionally, the computer and the cell phone began their rise in the West.  At the 1981 Comdex Show in Las Vegas, IBM presented its PC loaded with MS-DOS, complete with a 477 MHZ 8089 processor and a 5.25” 160k floppy drive. The clones of the IBM PC, the cell phone, and the internet followed shortly, changing forever our means of efficiency and communication.  Some would argue these things have not made us freer, but no one seems willing to return the technologies of the 1970’s.


Nevertheless, I believe the most significant change of this era occurred in July, 1980 when the Nation of Israel declared Jerusalem as their undivided, eternal capital, established as such by King David 3000 years earlier.  The nations of the world protested.  Thirteen national embassies in Jerusalem closed.  Resolutions condemning Israel for this action where passed at the United Nations in New York.


Then a remarkable thing happened.  In the fall of 1980, a group of Christians– from nations all over the world–came to Jerusalem.  Waving their national flags and carrying signs declaring, “Israel, we love you”, they marched through the streets in a first-ever Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. This parade continues annually to this day.

1980 ice

At the same time–in the fall of 1980–these Christians established the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem to let the state of Israel know they had friends in the world.  Link here for the history of ICEJ


Learn this riddle: The people whom Jeroboam tried to keep from returning to Jerusalem 2,700 years ago for the Feast of Tabernacles are now back; they are in Jerusalem annually, celebrating freedom at the Feast of Tabernacles, declaring a love for Israel and a Son of David as their king. (1 Kings 12)


The world changed in the seventh month of 5741 (September, 1980).  It will never be the same again. The die is cast and each cycle of seven years brings us closer to the culminating event.  With one eye on 1980 and another on what I expect is the upcoming Jubilee of 2029-2030, watch and be a part as your world changes to reflect the visions of the Hebrew prophets.

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  • Shalom! I thank Adonai and you for connecting these dots for us at such a time as this. My spirit is humming with excitement! I will be ordering your book and sharing your blog and book information with friends and family. Blessings to you and yours!

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